Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY: House Warming Gift

 Happy Friday! 

Today we have another DIY project you. 

I am currently trying to build some go-to gift ideas for friends and family. 
I'm not talking Christmas of Birthday gifts. 
I'm talking about those little gifts that pop up 
throughout the year - Baby Shower, Bridal Shower,
Wedding, Graduation, Hostess gifts etc. 

These gifts I always want to be thoughtful, 
but I don't want to break the bank. 

Recently some friends of ours bought a new house, 
and I went looking for a housewarming gift. 
I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and settled on a "Jar Gift." 
Here are some examples: 

I decided to create my own Housewarming "jar gift." 

When creating a jar gift, it is important to choose a theme to guide you. 

It could be a color, and type of product, a hobby theme; 
anything you want really. 
But the bottom line is choose a theme to tie it all together. 

Since I was in need of a housewarming gift, 
I choose cleaning supplies as my product theme and lemon yellow as my color scheme. 
Here is what I came up with:

Housewarming Jar Gift

DIY Jar Gift House Warming Gift

Shopping List:
(The following are ideas, 
but please feel free to choose 
your own products)

Walmart 128oz Jar Gift Idea DIY

A large (128oz) jar

(I got mine from Walmart)

Pine-sol Lemon Cleaning Product Gift Idea DIY

Palmolive Lemon Dish Soap Gift Idea DIY

Bath and Body Works Foaming Hand Soap Gift Idea DIY

Yankee Candle Sparkling Lemon Gift Idea DIY

Yellow Dish Sponges

Yellow Dish Towels


Decorative Ribbon

Another Idea: 
Great gift idea!

Mrs. Meyer Cleaning Products


1. Arrange items in jar.
2. Tie ribbon around the jar
3. Attach gift tag.
4. Gift!

Right now, my go-to wedding gift is one of these 
AWESOME personalized gifts from Richwood Creations!! 

They have BEAUTIFUL stuff and since it is personalized, 
it will be unique for your special Bride & Groom.  

I also love them because all proceeds go to 
Young Life in West Virginia so you can feel good 
about a good product that supports a worthy ministry!

Click HERE to see their shop and check out some of their stuff!

Richwood Creations Engraved Kitchen Tray Gift Idea

Richwood Creations Engraved Cutting Board Gift Idea

Richwood Creations Engraved Rolling Pin Gift Idea

Richwood Creations Engraved Cutting Board City Gift Idea

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