Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY: Ice Candles

I saw this idea in my January Southern Living magazine
and it has been so gosh, darn cold lately,
I figured this would be a fun way to embrace the weather!

These things look awesome and you can use them
to decorate almost anything outside!
Put them on  your front porch, flanking your front door,
along a front walkaway,
or make enough to line the whole driveway!
You could place a few sporadically in flower beds in the back yard!

And the best part i they will stay in tact
as long as the weather is below freezing (32 degrees).
So if you see a cold week ahead in the forecast and
want to embrace the falling temps, try this out.

Ice Candles

Shopping List:

2 Different Sized Buckets
(one should fit side the other - I got mine 
for about $1.00/ea at DrugMart)

(something to weigh 
the smaller/middle bucket 
down - I used a brick)



1. Place smaller bucket inside larger bucket. Fill smaller bucket with weights (I used a brick).
2. Fill outer ring with water. Place outside to freeze.
3. When completely frozen (mine took almost a full 24 hours), remove weight in smaller bucket, and begin removing ice candle. You may want to leave buckets inside for a little while to loosen up the ice candle. You can also pour hot water into the smaller bucket to aid in this process.
4. Decorate outside, light votive candle and Enjoy!


I recommend using taller buckets as votives need to be shielded 
from the wind as much as possible or they will not stay lit.

Also, may sure Ice Candle is COMPLETELY frozen before removing from buckets.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we will be one week away 
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Annndd!! All next week we will also be posting 
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Feel the love People, feel the love.

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