Friday, March 15, 2013

Leprechaun Munch

We were featured!!!

Chef In Training

This week was exciting for me as our Butterscotch Scone recipe
was featured on Pretty cool!

We are 2 days away from St. Patty's Day and so of course my mind is in "holiday recipe" mode. I was also trying figure out something I could take to a movie night tonight with some of our Young Life friends. Here's what I came up with. Its delicious salty sweet!! I dare you to eat just one handful...

Leprechaun Munch

Shopping List:
(Use your creativity here! 
That's the great thing about trail mix, 
if you don't like, leave it out. 
If you really like it, add more. 
If you want to sub in something else, DO IT!!)

Salted Peanuts

Mini Pretzels

Caramel Popcorn

Green M&M's
(I had to pick them out of a regular large sized bag. 
If you find holiday ones that are green, let me know!!)

Lucky Charms, Just the Marshmallows
(Again, I had to pick them out of the bag.)

Wasabi Peas
(WARNING: These are Very HOTT! Kids will not like them. 
I just liked them because they added more green!)

I am not putting amounts on here because making trail mix is more of an art than a science. Just start adding a little of each at a time until you reach a ratio you like. Enjoy!

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