Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Post 2013

Happy Halloween!

Such a fun holiday! 

Today I am going to share a quick and easy 
Halloween recipe that you can throw together last minute 
if you are rushing to a Trick-or-Treat party tonight. 

So easy. So yummy. So cute. 

And then we will recap all of the Halloween recipes from this week.  

First things first...

FrankenGuac Cups

While, I'm excited to share this super cute recipe with you, 
I'm MOST excited to share this guac recipe. 
Seriously the most simple thing you will ever make 
and maybe the most delicious. 

1 packet. 2 Avocados. Mix. Done. 
No seriously. That's it. 

You'll wanna save this little gem for more than just Halloween. 
If you love guac like me, this little recipe will become a staple at your house.

Shopping List:

8 Avocados

4 packets Concord Foods Mild Guacamole Mix
1 bag Tostitos Blue Corn Chips

12 small Clear Plastic Cups


1. Mix avocados and guac mix packets using a potato masher.

2. Draw face on clear plastic cup. Full cup with Guac.
3. Add chips to top to create "hair." Enjoy.

Tip: To keep guac from turning brown, place pits back in mixed guac until, ready to divide into cups and serve. OR, cover top of guac with a thin layer of water. Just before dividing into cups and serving, pour of water.

Now let's recap...

On Friday, we celebrated Week #8 of Pumpkin Fall Fridays 
AND Halloween with these adorable little Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars
How cute are these ghosts?!

On Sunday, I put together for you the perfect Trick-or-Treat night menu
You want to spend your time helping your little ones get dressed up 
and parading around the neighborhood collecting sweets, 
NOT slaving away over dinner... 
My crockpot Meatball Subs, Caesar salad, and Spiderweb Brownies 
are just the quick and easy meal you need!

Yesterday, my sister Hannah guest posted this delicious Spooky Snack Mix
So yummy. So festive. And will be enjoyed by the whole family!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween folks!

See you tomorrow for Week #9 of Pumpkin Fall Fridays!

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