Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Perfect Meal for Trick-or-Treat Night

Halloween is upon us! 
I can hardly believe it. 
For me, this really is the first holiday of the holiday season, 
so naturally I am so excited!! 

I imagine most of us will be having Trick-or-Treat night 
at some point this week, and that means there's the question 
of "what to do for dinner" that night. 

If you've got kiddos, you're trying to get them home from school, 
homework done, dressed in costume, bundled for the cold, 
and out the door in time. 

If you don't have kiddos (like me!) you're racing home from work, 
picking up last minute candy from the store, 
and fixing your front porch Halloween decorations 
in time for that first doorbell ring. 

Dinner, is probably the LAST thing on your mind that night! 
We don't have time to be cooking up an elaborate meal during all this rush! 
However, I know I'm still thinking about 
how to get something substantial in me, 
before consuming mass amounts of sugary goodness later. 

Well fear not! I have put together the perfect, 
SUPER super easy meal that you can have ready for your family 
in minutes - because you only have minutes 
before its out the door in pursuit of bulging bags of candy! 

Through a few prepare-ahead items, and some grocery store cheats, 
you can have a delicious meal on the table 
for your family that will be fast and easy. 

Let's Get Started!!

Dinner: Meatball Subs

Meatball Subs are great because you can throw the meatballs 
in the crockpot that morning, and by dinner time, they are ready to serve. 

True Confession: At the grocery store I reached for the ground beef 
to make the meatballs, and directly next to them 
were already made meatballs - same amount of meat, and only 50 cents more! 
We are about quick and easy here, people! 
Which do you think I went with! 
Don't feel guilty on nights like these about getting a little help 
from the grocery store pre-mades. 

Do you want to spend your time laboring over dinner? 
Or with your little ones as they embark on 
one of their favorite nights of the year?

However, I know some of you. 
And I know some of you will still want 
to make your own meatballs - and I mean, you can make them ahead of time 
and even freeze them. For those of you who want to make your own, 
click HERE for a great recipe from Six Sisters Stuff.

Shopping List:

Pre-made meatballs
(From the meat section, next to the ground beef).

1 container Marinara Sauce

2 C Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Sub Sandwich Rolls

- OR-

Ingredients from the homemade meatball recipe


1. The morning of Trick-or-Treat night, place meatballs and marinara sauce in crockpot. Season with Italian seasonings, if desired. Cook 6-8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.
2. Assemble sub with a little extra marinara sauce from the bottom of the crockpot and some mozzarella cheese.

Side: Caesar Salad

Ok we need some greens right? 
So here is a fast and easy Caesar Salad. 

True Confession: I picked up a Caesar Salad Kit from my grocery store. 
I had all of the ingredients already in the package - even the dressing! 

But for you guys who want to make your own, you still can quickly and easily.

Shopping List:

Caesar Salad Kit
(With the bags of salad in the grocery store. 
I used Marketside Light Caesar Salad Kit).

- OR- 

Romaine Lettuce

Grape Tomatoes

Parmesan Cheese
(I actually used mozzarella since we had 
some left over from the meatball subs).


1 bottle Caesar Salad Dressing


1. Assemble salad. That's it!

Dessert: Spider Web Brownies

So not all of us get to eat the candy on Trick-or-Treat night. 
And shouldn't the adults have something spooky and sweet to eat? 


These brownies are so fun and you can make them the day before. 
I practiced the spiderweb design on a plate before, I tried it on the brownies. 

Shopping List:

1 box Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix
(I used Pillsbury).
1 13oz container Marshmallow Fluff
(I used Jet-puffed).

1 bag Black Cookie Icing for piping
(I used Betty Crocker).


1. Prepare Brownies according to box directions.
2. Remove brownies from oven and immediately spread marshmallow creme. Cool completely.
3. Decorate with black icing to create spider web. Enjoy!

There you go! Super, super easy!

You'll have this meal on the table and minutes and even have a few extra 
to snap some pics of your adorable kiddos all dressed up in costume 
before you head out the door.

Check back tomorrow for a yummy Halloween Munch 
guest posted by my sister Hannah.

All that's left to say is...


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